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The Four of Us Traveled to Switzerland

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

How do you think it went?

Dan, my ex's family on his mother's side is from Switzerland. He had been many times, and I was always promised a trip but never got to go. Kelly, his wife had gone a few times, they even got married there. So when he asked if he could take our son on his first trip this past spring I said...yes but only if I get to go too. Now this was not an issue of trust, check out our other blogs on that...this was more over a chance for me to be selfish and get to fulfill my wishes of finally seeing Switzerland. I also was very happy to see his aunt and cousins, whom I enjoyed seeing when they had come here. This was also an opportunity for us to put to the test our relationship and co-parenting skills.

It started off a little rocky as we discovered on the way to the airport that our reservation for an airbnb was canceled because of miscommunication on their part. I was getting ready and packing to drive to his house and I just said, I'm sorry I can't deal with this right now can you please handle it, and he did. He is also far nicer under pressure than I am. I have a tendency to get very snippy with people on the phone over things like this and we all knew that wouldn't do anyone any good. So, needless to say even with him and my mom working for about 2 hours via phone calls and emails didn't produce the outcome we intended. In the end we did not get our original reservation but we were able to find another on short notice to accommodate us.

The flights were long and everyone was grumpy but we still managed to be civil. :-) I had a hard time adjusting in the beginning because I do have certain requirements that I need in order to feel safe and comfortable. I admit that I am a bit of a diva at times. I bring my pillow, I have my comforts from home, I like my own bathroom, etc. So it was a bit of an adjustment but we managed just fine. In fact throughout most of the time we were there, we all actually got a long really well. Being trapped in a small house and subsequent car with your ex might sound like a torture chamber, and it might have been for him, but I was just fine!

All kidding aside, of course we got on each other's nerves. Who wouldn't be irritated by someone's loud crunching or someone else's farts inside a car or another's complaining..that's family and everyone gets on everyone's nerves. The main take away is that we no longer have issues from our past relationship that we have carried over, we no longer hold grudges against each other. We see each other for who we are now, and we are able to go from there.

The real surprise for all of us here, was that our son was absolutely miserable. He did not like most of the things we did. He complained about most things, most food (even though its the same things we eat at home), and had many temper tantrums. There were so many times when I just had to walk away. And I thank the gods that his step-mom was there, because I might have left him. We all took turns trying to take care of him, or calm each other down when he acted up. It's amazing how much one little person can unsteady 3 adults.

In the end, I think we all agree it was a very fun trip and we would definitely all do it again...except maybe when our son is a bit older and complains less. Although his cousin put it all in perspective for me. He said, it's a kid's job to push parent's buttons and push boundaries...well then...he is damn good at his job.

Please check out our other blogs about more on our travels to Switzerland. If you have any questions for us or would like us to talk about a certain topic please send us an email or leave us a comment below.


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