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Back to school

Kids everywhere are going back to school right now and this can be a stressful time for most families. How do you do it in a blended family?

When I grow up I want to be a: builder, helicopter pilot, doctor, daddy.

Who goes to the first day, who does drop off and pick up, who goes to conferences, who goes to open house, what information do you put on the forms, who does the school call in an emergency??? SO MANY QUESTIONS! It is enough to cause anyone anxiety and if you have a blended family it can be even more stressful.

This photo makes me laugh. We needed a family picture for Oli to take to school and so we hurredly tried to take one before leaving. It looks like Kelly and I are a couple and Dan is our baby daddy and we think that's hilarious.

We are lucky that our son is going to a very tiny school and everyone knows everyone. There are 14 kids in his Kindergarten class and this year is considered a very big class. Everyone at the school knows him and knows us and that we are considered parents. All of the forms I filled out had all three of our contact info on it. All four of us gathered early on the first day and took pictures, and all of us went to his first day. We were a united front.

The amphitheater at Oli's school. There is no gymnasium. PE is all done outside.

Kelly was in charge of buying his big boy backpack. I labeled EVERYTHING with permanent labels and got him back to school clothes. Raising a child is truly a group effort. Working together is the only way to do this successfully. I often will take the matriarchal role in our family and take charge of the situation when it involves our son. Like a lot of moms, the everyday scheduling and maintenance of the child is left up to us. I filled out the paperwork, I pack the lunches, I pick him up and drop him up, I check the daily folder and speak to the teacher. It really is so nice that I have TWO MORE parents to lean on and ask for help.

During back to school night, I was the only one who went. Being that his dad and step-mom live a good hour away, it wasn't worth them battling traffic to come out. I did though, report back everything I was told. I also linked them BOTH up to the app that our teacher uses to communicate with us. I have heard from some blended families that their kids' schools do not consider step parents as parents and won't allow them access to the school or daily communication without a court order. While I can see the reason for this when there is a lot of contention with some parents, if the parents are ok with it, then the school should be too. We are so lucky and so thrilled to be able to go to our little mountain school where our son will get the greatest experience!

As co-parents, we will all do our best to be available whenever there are school events and happenings. This won't be possible all the time, but we will make the effort. Now, can someone explain to me how to order pictures? This seems way more confusing than it needs to be.

If you are a blended family, how do you operate your daily school schedules? How involved are your co-parents and what does the school think about your arrangement? Please comment below and let us know! If there is a topic that would be helpful for you and your family please tell us!

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